A Moment with Madame Daley

The Glam Rock revival thrives in the persona that is, Madame Daley. Influenced by the likes of femme fueled icons David Bowie, The Sweet, and T. Rex, Madame Daly is a shot of

grunge, a spritz of glam, and topped off with a whole lot of Irish. Her newest single Annie Sing Your Heart Out Anyway is a bubbly and playful anthem off Madame Daley's debut album. The track is one of those songs you have to listen to with the windows down, on the highway. With a bombastic chorus that demands to be sung as-loud-as-possible, Annie Sing Your Heart Out Anyway is a toe tap away from a speeding ticket.

Amid the whirlwind/sh!tshow that was merely the first half of 2020, we were lucky enough escape reality for a moment for a chat with the mystical, Madame Daley. She gave us the scoop on the ongoing work behind the scenes of the debut album, what inspired the project, and the story behind the leading track.

Crediting her late grandma as inspiration, Annie was a bright and boisterous soul, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York equipped with a voice, the family jokes, "could clear a room," Daley says, "[Annie] couldn't sing very well, but she always knew the lyrics to everything." Annie lived life guided by the timeless narrative of learning to love something so much, even if you're not great at it. Wise words that seem to echo in my own soul.

As for the album, would you believe me if I told you a Boston based studio discovered Madame Daley's profile on BandCamp and reached out to work on the album of her dreams? It sounds like something out of an Indie movie from 2008, only it's 2020, so add the modernized twist of having to crowdfund and record the whole project during a global pandemic. No matter how you look at it, it's a story of dedication and determination. The highly-anticipated album continues to be teased via snippets on Daley's Instagram.

While trickles of content and distractions from reality have provided a brief escape, it's provided Daley an opportunity to utilize music to ease her own anxiety in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Being the theater nerds we are, we compared it to the sensation of excitement, stepping into a character's shoes, not only asking for attention, but demanding attention. In the case of Madame Daley, it's the opportunity to be the campy, unafraid character the real Daley has searched for. Putting her own twist on "Madame George" off of Van Morrison's Astral Weeks, (and the other five drag queens Morrison wrote about,) Madame Daley is gearing up for, what we believe, will be her grand metamorphosis.

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