Blake Shimoda Is Caught In a Dream with New Single, “Moonlight”

Love is never easy, especially when everything isn’t as it seems. Artist-Producer, Blake Shimoda, reflects on relationship highs, lows, and overall woes with his second single of 2020, Moonlight. The track narrates the feeling of hopelessness in a moment of existential crisis, discovering and redefining the purpose of meaningful relationships in our lives, whether it’s between you and friends, family, partner, or whomever. Float away on a dream with the new track — out now — with more projects and collaborations due to release throughout this year.

Titled “Moonlight,” the song cascades into a starry dream-state, enveloped by shimmering

keys, gentle, floating top line vocals, and plump bass lines, all by Shimoda himself. Blending aspects of Dream-Pop, Indie-Electronic, and R&B, the track showcases the complexities and

freedoms of being the artist, songwriter, and producer. Being sure not to stray too far from his signature sound, Shimoda paints an entirely new journey through closed eyes.

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