Get Lost, Then Find Yourself Again By the Lake

Clearing your mind and rediscovering yourself seems like it’s on everyone's to-do list these days, the journey is no different for Artist-Producer, Blake Shimoda. Written after a summer hike through the Rocky Mountains, Blake found himself in a moment of peace, meditating by a lake. Seemingly overwhelmed by overthinking everyday worries about friends and family, he reminds himself that it’s all in his head. “Things just seemed so far away in that moment. I made the song to remind myself that it’s important to get away from things and get a different perspective on life every once in a while.” The track highlights the journey of self reflection, taking a moment to step back and breathe. Get lost, then find yourself again By the Lake — out now.

Shimoda's newest release By the Lake, guides us through a path in the woods with welcoming sounds of birds and the warmth of sun peeking through the trees. Gentle vibraphone knocks like wooden wind chimes, layered on a wide, pumping bass line, and engulfed with a top line vocal floating like a cool breeze. “By the Lake” showcases Blake’s ability to paint an entire landscape for the listener, embodying the sensation of both serenity and excitement. This Pop-Electronic track is playful, mellow, and stays on par with Shimoda’s signature sound. Get lost and find yourself again, with the new track, By the Lake.

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