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If you could describe a distinct scent using sound, Jacy James Anderson takes you on a hike across Colorado plains and over the highest mountains. Capturing sensations of cool, crisp, pine infused fog, to the warmth of the setting sun. You can almost hear the patter of cold mountain rain, the crackle of a campfire, and the feeling of ending the day under a clear, starlit sky. Jacy James Anderson is the Indie-Folk-Americana Singer-Songwriter encompassing the natural, raw beauty that is, Colorado.

In 2017, Jacy was diagnosed with panic disorder, a condition in where Anderson is bombarded by unexpected panic attacks. A condition Jacy said “crippled creativity and joy of life for over a year.” Since his diagnosis, Anderson has armed himself with knowledge on how to coexist with his conditions, keeping them manageable and infrequent.

Through it all, music has been his guiding light. Jacy currently has two single releases posted on Soundcloud, including Hollow and What’re You Waiting For? One narrating a story of betrayal, discovering you’re not the only one, while the other asks what it means to live in the modern age of violence. Stories of Jacy’s own journey through anxiety, love, violence, hope, and loss. Themes at the forefront of his debut album Blackout Poetry, an album toting an overarching message of hope and healing in a society rooted in uncertainty, violence, and fleeting connection.

Anderson’s goal was not only to make music that resonates with listeners, but for a younger version of himself, letting him know that he was going to make it, that he isn’t alone.

“This record is for anyone whose life has been impacted by mental illness, and it is my deepest hope that Blackout Poetry can pass on what I heard in the music of my heroes to someone else in need.”

Jacy launched a Kickstarter campaign to aid in bringing his project to full fruition. You can read more about Jacy, his project, and his team of star studded, GRAMMY Award winning team of engineers & recording artists, here.


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