MAD MAN TOUR HITS DENVER: A Special Interview with IDK

October 12, 2019

Maryland rapper IDK (Previously “JAY IDK” ) has surfaced as one of the most promising rappers in today's rap game. I had the opportunity to meet with IDK during his most recent visit to Denver  on A$AP Ferg's Mad Man Tour.  A one-on-one conversation with IDK and his thoughts on life, music, and the rap game.

While chatting it up with IDK, I asked him about advice he could share with upcoming rap artists. He responded with,


  “Take care of your fans. Your fans are the people that are gonna ride for you and champion you. If you do it right, they are gonna ride with you forever.”  


He even expressed his opinion on how essential it is to work hard and work often on your craft to make the best music possible.


IDK touched on the amount of love he has for his hometown fans. For him, home was the base of it all. “They are the big reason for why I am, who I am. They are the most important asset I have when it comes to rap.”


When I asked about advantages he has felt about being an independent artist vs. signing with a label, he commented on the lack of freedom he felt with a label:


“I can do whatever I want, whenever I want. I mean that's very important. You just have to learn when you do go to a label [going on tour] is not an automatic.”


IDK spoke about the empire he's currently in the process of building. It got me thinking about what strategies new artists/rappers should take to be able to build their own empire. His reply,


 “You gotta be willing to work really, really, really, extra hard. That's the one thing I think separates everybody; how willing you are to work harder than the next person? I think you are always capable of working harder than anybody, depending on your situation and what your willing to risk time wise. Not everybody is willing to go that hard and I think, especially at the beginning stages, you have to not give a fuck about life or anything else. You have to only be focused on what you're trying to build: your empire.”



When asked about his musical Influences, IDK spat out names like Pharell Williams, Frank Ocean, Eminem, Kanye West, 50 Cent, Dr.Dre as some of his favorites, being sure to clarify with me that there are a lot more people, too many to count. Same though.


His thoughts on touring with Buddy and A$AP Ferg:

“Buddy is high energy and laughter he keep things moving. Ferg is knowledgeable, I've been learning a lot from hangs with him. Honestly, this is been the best tour so far, as far as just fan engagement, people know me more now, I'm a little further along now compared to my last tour."



When asked about his music, he mentioned his two latest singles “Star” & “No Time” and how much attention the two songs have earned him. IDK confirmed that new music is in the works.


Being in the Mile High City, we had to talk cannabis. IDK was honest about how he's completely stopped smoking weed after he felt it slowed his productivity and had him constantly overthinking. He hasn't taken a toke in two years. He feels that dropping weed from his life has improved his work ethic with him feeling on top of his game.

Before wrapping up the interview, IDK showed major love to his fans saying he hopes they know he loves them.”


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