The World of Xkape

October 12, 2019

It's been a grip since we've checked in with our ol' Riddim Rat, Xkape. We had a chat on what the future holds in the world of the Denver producer. Let's just say, he has a headlining show at Lost Lake coming up on August 23rd. Check it out.

MMAC: Let's start off with a little catching up from last time. What's going on, what's new, how's it rolling in the world of Xkape?


Xkape: Yeah, for sure! So, as of May I'm officially a college graduate, at this point I've been able to put more effort and more time, and money of course, into [Xkape]. I have new equipment that I have been renting out for concerts and events and I've already had Global Dance rent it for one of their events. I'm slowly being able to provide backline and just sorta make a side hustle off that. Um... I've been freelance DJing with a company, Colorado Mobile Music Plus, they book gigs, over 150 a year, where the company books [Xkape] as DJ this way I can promote and perform as an artist, it's been great with some pretty high end events. 


M: Oh man that's a lot of stuff going down. It sounds like you're really making those wheels turn, that's awesome. I know last time we talked we outlined what the future looks like, but what's the update? What should we look forward to with music, shows, and all that?


X: Yeah it's been a lot but, I'm trying to just keep working my connections I definitely try to release music maybe once a month or at least 10 songs a year that way I can gain activity on Spotify and streaming sites. I can still build a fanbase off there, but also like, really start throwing more shows. If things are going the way they're going, I'm hopefully planning on touring in the next 3-5 years. That's kinda where im aiming and where I'm looking. I've been building my team: lawyers, managers, social media, the whole thing. I'm working on livestreams of shows with live scavenger hunt with ticket giveaways around town that take place at the same time. Really interactive stuff!  The cool thing about the show coming up next week is that we're all local artists. I love bringing [national headlining] artists, but sometimes having a local show, when it's the scene coming out to throw down for one great a night, is the best. Seeing the local community and the scene helps not only me grow, but other artists who deserve their time in the spotlight.


The biggest changes I see, I want to be touring, keep getting gear and software, developing the music how I see fit, basically make the vision a reality. That's where I see myself in the next 3-5 years.


M: Well, hell yeah. We'll have to check in with you again man, but your progress and determination is awesome man. It sounds like you've really got a solid plan and we're pretty excited to follow you along the way. 


X: Aw yeah, I'm glad to have you guys with me.


M: We appreciate it my dude. What strategies are you utilizing right now that you think could help other local artists?


X: I think the biggest thing is don't limit yourself on opportunity. I'm not saying go into the same lifestyle I have. I work five jobs. I work with LiveNation, Argus,  Colorado Mobile Music Plus, Freelance work, Volunteer work with Love Hope Strength, It's a lot. But I'd tell people to just go everywhere, go to festivals, concerts, do anything and everything possible. Take every opportunity, not like willy-nilly, but go with an open mind and if you're serious about it, ask could this person help me? Can I help them?

Another thing is making yourself known, go to concerts, have people start to get to know your face. I'm at Red Rocks all the time, people come up to me like they know me and it's because they've probably seen me working a show, I'm everywhere! Get involved and stay involved, the hardest thing is that it's such a competitive industry, there are hundreds other kids doing the same thing. you have to be the one that's different, the one at every show, the one people see grinding away. Get out there and get experience.


M: I like it. I know you mentioned some new music earlier?


X: Can't say the date... but I have a release on Prime Audio, a US label. They're using a new streaming platform called PrimeAcess, it has a bunch of exclusive releases on it. Ill acutlally be releasing on it later this year, so keep an eye on that so we can link the people.


MMAC: That's pretty rad man! Alright, It's been great catching up with you. Just a final thought for the day: Left Twix v. Right Twix, where do you stand?


Xkape: Left twix all the way, me and my roommates sat down and read some shit about how you can taste the difference, but left twix.


There you have it ladies and Gents, Xkape himself. May the wubs and dubs forever be in your favor homie!



Tickets for Xkape at Lost Lake on August 23rd, on sale now.





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